Sales Conditions

    The terms of sale govern the relationship between COLTELLERIE PREZIOSO S.r.l. and the customer who buys the products marketed by COLTELLERIE PREZIOSO S.r.l.

    The purchase of one or more products by the customer implies acceptance of the conditions listed. The conditions will apply to every order request.



     1. Orders are processed within the limits of availability with no guarantee of balance. The evasion of the balance
         is performed with subsequent submission (unless otherwise specified by the customer specifying: cancel backorders).

     2. Any returns must be authorized by the Office that will communicate the modality and that in any case must be accompanied
         by regular accompanying note, according to the rules in force at the time of return, with transportation causal.

     3. After eight days of receipt of goods, not accept claims.

     4. Delivery dates are guidelines, however, not binding.

     5. Packaging costs are calculated at cost.

     6. Goods travel at the risk of the customer. The goods are free port and charge the cost incurred. For transport
         with the customer’s liking carrier, the surrender of the goods will be carried out in Porto Assigned.

     7. All payments must be made directly to our office. In case of late payment will charge default interest in
         an amount equal to bank interest.

     8. For any dispute, the competent Court of Rome.

     9. We do not accept orders with a net value is less than Euro 250,00.

    10. Delayed payment will invalidate all discounts applied.

    11. The goods remain our property until payment. The purchaser will support all transport risks, as well as everything
          that will happen until the possession of goods. The purchaser must therefore ensure support to their burden.



    Coltellerie Prezioso are not responsible for any changes and / or changes in materials, dimensions and any finish that intervened after the publicatione of an item on this website and/or after the printing of the annual catalog.



    Coltellerie Prezioso are not responsible for any changes and / or changes in prices that intervened after the printing of the annual catalog. The current price of each article is published on the official website of Coltellerie Prezioso srl, and is visible only after authentication via username and password, issued only to authorized dealers.